Branding & Identity Design Brief

Branding & Identity Design Brief

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When beginning a branding and identity design project, it is very important to write a detailed brief. There are three reasons for this. It ensures that we both know the goals. I need to know what your needs are in order to give you an accurate quote.

The brief acts as a point of reference for the designer, giving me key points to focus on. Simply put, the more information you provide at the beginning of the project the more value you receive.

Company Profile

Let’s start with the basics. Please describe your company or organization. What is the focus of your business? Describe your products or services. Provide a brief company history. What is your company’s story?

Target Market

Let’s talk about your company’s target demographics. Who are your current customers? Who are your potential customers? Where are they located? Does your business cater to a particular sex, age, income range, or group? Are your products for a mass market or are they niche-focused? What is your market position based on? Price, quality or a combination of both?

Who is your competition? What makes you different or special in relation to your competition.

How would you describe the image you want to project? (e.g. Modern, Traditional, Clear, Intricate, Reserved, Familiar, Funky, etc…)


Ultimately, your logo design is an integral part of the visual system. So let’s talk about it.

Would you prefer a symbol, logotype or a combination? Abstract symbol (e.g. Audi, Nike, Lucent)

Audi logo
Nike logo
Lucent logo

Illustrative symbol (e.g. Ferrari, Starbucks mermaid, the Michelin man)

Ferrari logo
Starbucks logo
Michelin man logo

Wordmark: This is a text-based image your company name. (e.g. Bose, Ford, Microsoft) It can also be a monogram if your companies name is long. (e.g. IBM)

Bose logo
Ford logo
Microsoft logo

Do you have a preference of colors for your logo and why?

How would you describe the image you want to project? (e.g. Modern, Traditional, Clear, Intricate, Reserved, Familiar, Funky, etc.) This also relates back to your target audience and demographic information.

Do you have strong feelings about what specifically you do not want to see in your logo? (e.g. ‘I don’t want to see a coffee cup in my logo because it is associated with my main competitor.’)

What specifically is a MUST in your logo? (e.g. It must include a bird.)


Where and how will this logo be displayed? Will the logo be used on such promotional items as business cards, letterhead, website, social media, billboards, or t-shirts?


What specific and measurable results do you want to achieve? How will you use the logo to achieve those goals?

Timeline & Schedule

While this process should never be rushed do you have a deadline for this project? Please keep in mind the necessary stages of the process we work through to create a compelling design:
•    Initial consultation and research
•    Conceptualizing, design, and development
•    Production – final artwork and printing
•    Delivery of final product

Project Budget

What is the budget for this project? The budget for logo design is usually a range, as this will affect how much time I will spend designing and determines the logo’s end applications. For example, will your business cards be digitally printed or printed offset on a letterpress? Put simply, time is money.

So, finally, the more I know, the easier it will be to achieve your target objective. While the process of identity design may seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. Working together, in collaboration, we will develop a strong and effective logo design and an overall branding strategy that will help you and your company achieve your goals and attain success.