Graphic Design for Print Brief

“Design is thinking made visual.” - Saul Bass

Before diving into the “fun” exploration and layout stage of your print design process it is crucial we answer some basic questions. This ensures that we tailor the project to your audience and the brief becomes a design guideline for this assignment.


About You

Let’s get the obvious and basics out of the way.

  1. Primary contact for this project.
  2. Company name and URL of your current website, if you have one.


Project Info

  1. What marketing materials do you require? Brochures, Poster, Annual Report, CD Design, Exhibition Graphics… please specify.
  2. Briefly describe your project. And if you have the information please let me know the dimensions and specifications of the project.
  3. Will this be a print-only job or will the design also be applied to digital applications?
  4. Do you have existing branding/logo or will you have me design it for you?
  5. Do you have a current house style or brand guideline that needs to be followed in terms of color, typography, and tone?
  6. What are the job specifications and dimensions.
  7. Who is this the targeted audience for this project? B2B (Business-to-Business), entrepreneur mothers, jazz lovers?



  1. Using adjectives and short phrases please describe your printed materials desired look and feel (e.g.: Easy to look at, edgy, classic, up-to-date, crisp, modern, traditional, understated, etc.)
  2. Do you have any style reference such as a mood board (Pinterest) or image examples of what you like? (send link URL) Please state what you like in regards to the examples.
  3. Keeping your competitors in mind, because I know you’ve done your research, and your likes and dislikes do you have an idea of what you do and don’t want on your design? (e.g. if you can’t stand a particular color, you’re visually allergic to rainbows, it’s good to know in advance).



What is your budget for this project? Your budget determines how much time we can spend on your project. Please provide an upper and lower range if you don’t have an exact figure.



  1. What is your deadline for completing this project? ‘ASAP’ does not allow me to schedule work in an effective way, so please provide a date.
  2. Is the content already created for this project, text and images? If not, how soon do you anticipate having it ready?


Anything Else

Is there any other information pertaining to this project that we should know about?

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