Cannabis Industry


​As an entrepreneur in the fast-growing cannabis industry, you’re facing increasingly stiff competition. The cannabis industry is projected to grow from $3 billion to $22 billion in Canada alone. Large companies are scrambling to jump on the cannabis bandwagon and many smaller companies will get squeezed out.

Differentiation is key to survive the rush of new competitors. Companies that invest in building a brand will establish themselves as leaders in the market.

Laughton Creatives is your partner in developing a respected, professional and market-leading cannabis brand.


Don’t trust your cannabis brand to a company without experience in this rapidly evolving area. At Laughton Creatives, we’ve successfully completed packaging, web and design projects for companies in the medicinal cannabis space. We understand this industry.

We have the expertise to create visual elements, images, copy and design that comply fully with the restrictions of the Cannabis Act and Regulation.

We ensure that your cannabis website and branding meet all legal and technical requirements, so that you don’t risk sanctions from Health Canada.


When you partner with Laughton Creatives to build your cannabis brand, you will receive original and compelling design. We don’t palm you off with the typical all-green colour scheme, marijuana leaf or “hippie” motifs that you typically find in the sector.

We create sophisticated branding that helps counter the continued stigma and negative perception around the cannabis industry.

We provide you with:

  • An eye-catching logo
  • Carefully composed colour scheme
  • Brand identity and messaging that looks great on all screens and in all formats
  • Graphic design that speaks to your target customer
  • Packaging that showcases your brand values


Your website is the foundation of your cannabis company brand. We design and develop a user-friendly, mobile-optimized, fully responsive website that pulls in your target audience and elevates your company’s standing.

  • SEO strategy that will attract more visitors to your website while abiding by the Google restrictions around cannabis promotion (Google has banned all words linked to marijuana, cannabis or weed)
  • Content Marketing that is informative, educational and provides value, therefore drawing more potential leads and customers
  • Robust age-gating and age verification on your site to comply with the Cannabis Act and Regulation
  • Lead generation strategies to help you build a dedicated email list

Cannabis businesses seek out Laughton Creatives to help them build a clear, consistent, omni-channel brand that can grow with their company and keep step with the changes in the industry.