Branding & Logo Design Process

Branding & Logo Design Process

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Design is a collaborative process. A branding design brief is the end result of a Q & A document for a particular design project produced between you, the client, and the branding designer.  The focus of the document is the desired result of the design – not necessarily but will affect the look of the design. For each of the services we provide, there’s a separate brief. (See below)

Research & Concept Development (Brainstorming Pt. 1)

After analyzing and fine-tuning the logo design brief with the client we begin the research part of the process. The brainstorming component factors in the client’s competitors, industry-specific trends, product or service uniqueness, the business history, the current brand’s position, the future business, brand ambitions and of course the design brief.


Sketching  (Brainstorming Pt. 2)

This is where we go old school with a pencil and paper to create a crazy set of ideas for potential directions. To date, a computer is just not convenient and fast enough to explore as many ideas as possible. Most scribbles and sketches will be eliminated, but the point is to explore as many concepts as possible before selecting two or three of the strongest ideas.


Digital Rendering

Those effective logo design ideas are then developed in digitally. The rendering stage involves transferring these options using a vector program such as Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop and printed to PDF for the presentation.


The Logo Design Presentation

Each design is rendered in a real-world representation using digital mock-ups (i.e., depending on the end application of the project – business card, billboard, clothing, signage, etc.) Then it is sent to the client to mull over the designs and give feedback based upon how the designs ideas fulfill the design brief.


Tweaks and Finishing Touches

Once one of the options are selected revisions are made until the end goal, your new logo design is reached. The purpose is to create a branding solution that works for that distinct business, and into the far future. Rather than lock a client into a “yes” or “no” answer, there’s always flexibility until the final artwork is achieved.


Final Artwork

The final artwork is supplied via email and/or made available for download. We can also furnish you with specific file format upon requests. The visual branding created are used for a variety of applications -websites, stationery, vehicle wraps, billboard advertising. Additional collateral is also an option.


After Service

But wait there’s more… A big part of our job is client education and customer service above and beyond the payment of the final installment. If you have any design-related questions or concerns I’m happy to provide an answer or offer assistant with further applications of your new logo design. I can also be the go-between between your printer and yourself, also known as print procurement.

If you have any questions about how our branding and logo design process works feel free to ask.