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Toronto Star
Readers Choice Award
2019 Diamond Award Winner
Toronto Star
Readers Choice Award
2019 Diamond Award Winner

Led by Founder Glenford Laughton, Laughton Creatves are a Toronto-based agency. We believe design is a collaborative discipline which is why there is no i in Laughton Creatves. See what we did there?

Our  team flexes from the power of one and expands to a diverse and skilled team depending on the scope and needs of our clients. With more than 25 years of experience working with a range of businesses enables us to create compelling solutions that connect our clients to their customers and increase their potential for results.

Your advantage is

Our Process

Begin With Purpose

Understanding the big WHY of a project helps us define clear objectives and set measurable goals for success.

Research & Data

Leveraging the power of research and data we uncover customer insights, enabling us to craft more personalized and relevant campaigns.

Customer First

Prioritizing your customers’ needs helps build loyalty and trust, resulting in long-term success for your business.


Thinking outside the box is essential to create an emotional connection with the audience, driving engagement and loyalty.


Leveraging our clients industry expertise with our teams artistry, we create unique campaigns that resonate, drive engagement and conversions.


This is our expertise. So, we understand that providing clear and frequent conversations create clarity and an environment that values feedback and input.

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We Are One & Many

Glenford Laughton

Founder / Art Director / Designer

I hated sewing. That’s what pushed me from my fashion design diploma into the world of graphic design. I fell in love with the all-encompassing nature of graphic design – art, print, photography, psychology and marketing. This panoramic view has guided my entire career.

The twists and turns of my professional journey include stints as a spoken word artist in Jamaica, Creative Director of an advertising agency, owner of a T-shirt company and a position as an Art Director in Turks and Caicos. In 2009, I set up an independent design studio in Toronto.

The desire to serve my clients in deeper and broader ways has led to the evolution from my thriving solo studio to Laughton Creatves, a full-service design agency.

Helping a client address their brand and marketing challenges is like solving an beautiful equation. After so many years, I still marvel at the power of design and branding to influence, to provoke, to persuade and to shape perceptions.

This work is my play. This work is my passion.

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