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“Glen’s exceptional web development skills turned my vision of creating an educational marketplace for students into a reality. Upon receiving a recommendation to work with Glen, I was quickly impressed by his ability to navigate the project’s uncertainties with innovation and skill, seamlessly guiding our company from concept to execution. His understanding of my ideas and translation of concepts into user friendly and functional design elements were remarkable.
Glen’s commitment, patience, and dedication towards our project were commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend Glen to anyone in search of a web developer with skill, innovation, and commitment to project success. Thank you, Glen, for making our vision a reality!”
Students Upload: Multivendor Marketplace Website owner

Tope Quadri

Students Upload

“I hired Glenford to build a brand-new editorial website on WordPress.

Glenford did a fantastic job, working with us to define our requirements, and develop the front and back ends of the website. Glenford is patient, a problem solver, excellent with client service and very knowledgeable with regards to website development and design. In fact, Glenford is a great designer and brings his design thinking to any project he undertakes.

I highly recommend Glenford for small to medium sized business looking to develop or revamp their website, or work on any aspect of design.”

Leslie Andrachuk

Director Digital Marketing
The Health Insider

“Glenford was a pleasure to work with. We needed a website for a new short-term project. Dealing with continually evolving content can be challenging. Still, Glenford was able to jump into the project with energy and enthusiasm, tackle creative and structural tasks head on, and deliver a beautiful, secure, and functional bilingual website on a tight timeline. Glenford was very responsive throughout the project’s lifetime, provided excellent suggestions on optimizing content, and supplied clear and simple-to-follow instructions to make updates. Happy to recommend Glenford’s services – thank you!”

Lilya Sultanova

Communications & Marketing Manager

“We started with Glenford to develop our website. He did a great job and we soon found out he could do much more for us. He has also designed brochures, banners, newsletters, and social media posts for us and also manages and maintains our website.

A great value that we saw in him was that he is not just a graphic designer. He is also very technically savvy about website development and SEO and most importantly, he understands the business development concepts and needs as well. This is why he has also been a fantastic consultant to us and he has helped us in more than one way to establish and grow our business quickly.”

Ashton Abrahams

Sigma Analytical Services

“Thanks so much to Glen who jumped in and saved the day with both of my websites. They were not secure and it was great to work with someone that understood what was wrong and how to fix both websites quickly. He also provided valuable suggestions on how to improve page loading.
Thanks so much, Glenford for saving the day.”

Davelle Morrison

Morrison Sells Real Estate

“We were looking for an experienced web designer to create a new website for our Janitorial company and we met Glen through the film industry. He exceeded our expectations on the design and creativity of our website and company logo. We have been working with Glen for 5 years now on many different projects and we look forward to many more!”

Fred and Andreza Guimaraes of White Oaks Janitorial Services & Supplies

Fred & Andreza Guimaraes

White Oaks Janitorial Services

“I was prompted to work with Glenford for several reasons: I have had several projects in the past for which a needed a graphic designer and I wanted to work with him because I had worked with him successfully in the past (Fruits of Jamaica Calendar), we are both Jamaican so he has a great sensibility of my design needs from that angle and I also needed work to be done that was of a high quality and professional standard. In the last two cases where I needed your assistance, I needed to have a book designed and a website redesigned.

Working with Glenford was successful because I have known him both personally and professionally for quite a long time now, so working with him was quite familiar and easy. I like the style and level of his work and I feel that his standards are high and very similar to my own high standards. There’s also the factor that was mentioned before of us both being Jamaican which was helpful on a cultural level and probably on other levels too.

If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with him, I would say that they would be getting great design value for money if they went with him, as he is very talented and skilled at what he does and I think his prices are very reasonable. I would say that they would probably be quite happy with their end product if they ended up working with him.”

“Glenford was able to incorporate all of my design wishes into my logo & branding project while maintaining a simple and effective visual element for my marketing materials.

He is highly knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. I absolutely recommend him!

Curtis F. Lambert

Frederick Guitars

“Glen is a creative and conscientious professional who pays attention to detail and will work to meet or exceed your expectations. Thanks again, for building”

Kirk Clarke

Goldstar Tutors

“I first met Glenford through his website. I had been endlessly searching on line for someone who had a style that was different from the usual fare. Glenford’s website spoke volumes to me; I thought here’s a guy who knows what he’s doing. He did not disappoint! I needed the whole package, Branding and Identity Design, Website Development and Print Communication. In my very competitive business I was after something dramatically different from what my competitors are doing in order to stand out. I asked Glenford to think outside of the box.

Thank you Glenford, you are a consummate master of your profession. It is an absolute pleasure to work with you.”

Ron Hyde Group

Ron Hyde,
Sutton City Realty Inc