Mississauga Re-brands

In celebration of its’ 40th Anniversary, Mississauga has re-branded. A brief part of my childhood was spent in Mississauga and comparing then to now is comparing a small quaint town to a semi bustling city. With over half of its population being born outside of Canada the new “M” logo and visual identity is meant to reflect a dynamic, colorful and modern city.

The identity was developed and designed by the city’s in-house Communications Creative Services team and Trajectory lead the initiative as brand consultant. As per they’re brands FAQ the cost for developing the brand story and designing the logo was $170,000. Yeah, that’s how much it costs to brand Canada’s sixth largest city. The breakdown of the cost went into a detailed brand audit, research into municipal best practices, internal and external stakeholder engagement, final testing and validation of the brand story and logo through a number of focus groups.

The new branding, but it reminds me of Melbourne, Australia’s re-branding designed by Landor Associates. Aside from the obvious M, it’s the use of facets that’s similar. Similar but not the same.

City of Melbourne logo
City of Melbourne logo

Mississauga Logo 3-Part Rational
Mississauga Logo 3-Part Rational
Mississauga - new logo
Mississauga – new logo

They have a microsite to take you through the full brand story.

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