Lua Shayenne Dance Company

Brand Identity Design

LSDC – Lua Shayenne Dance Company blends dance, music and storytelling rooted in West African culture with contemporary art forms and social commentary.

Founded by Lua Shayenne, LSDC also produces original dance works, enriching educational programs, and the YENSA Festival – a biennal festival that celebrates Black Women in dance

BEFORE: Critique of The First Logo
The Symbol
– Too much spacing between characters
– Visually each element has a different weight
– Overall not cohesive
The Wordmark
– The typeface is art deco, dated, not a good choice
– As it’s a long name it’s hard to read when overall size is small

The Symbol
– Each angle is the same for unity
– Better spacing: slight overlap of LS, for optical spacing
– Visually each element has same weight.
– We kept the C open so it still reads as a C but added the notch to tie it all together
– Modern typeface
– Condensed font for better use of space
– Larger font size for better readability

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