MRX - Mario Rigby Explorer

Branding & Logo Design

MRX - Mario Rigby Explorer: logo breakdown
Logo Breakdown

The Brief: Create a logo utilizing the initials MR from Mario Rigby and the X from explorers. Keep the number of strokes/lines to a minimum while making it bold and organic. Keeping in mind that the logos applications will be varied and many. Mario Rigby is a rare explorer who completed an epic 800-day trek crossing Africa from Cape Town to Cairo, alone by foot and kayak. Crossing Africa has given him a unique perspective and stories in which he shares with the world about his experience and the everyday lives of ordinary Africans in an entirely unique way.

“He wants to break stereotypes that limit what he can aspire to and where he can go, he says.” ~ excerpt for his interview in the Toronto Star.

What’s next? He’s planning his next big expedition Project EVA

Project Deliverables:

  • Consultation
  • Branding
  • Logo Design